Current Productions - Two shows at the Edinburgh Festival 2022

HIYA DOLLY! by Vince Licata

The astonishing Edinburgh tale of the world's first cloned animal
The true story of how a cute, attention-seeking lamb became the most famous sheep in history - the world's first cloned mammal. Created and born at the Roslin Institute outside Edinburgh. Dolly lived the good life. A worldwide celebrity who never left her farm. Mother to six lovely lambs. She changed biology forever and irrevocably changed the lives of all her human parents. Who were they? How did they do it? Where are they now?  Come and meet Dolly and find out how to clone a sheep in this new play full of Dollified Scottish folk tunes, science, human drama and lots of woolly humour!

This new play with songs set to well-known Scottish folk tunes explores the science, human relationships, and public reaction surrounding the remarkable cloning of Dolly the sheep.  It blends science, human drama, and comedy with a talking sheep!

5 - 27 August  20.00  (Except 14 Aug)  Venue 53
Grand Theatre in theSpace @Surgeons Hall Nicholson Street EH8 9DW

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Director Andy Jordan   Music Direction Ciaran McGhee    Designer Robbie McDonnell
Mark Beauchamp, Jessica Donnelly, John Fagan, Alana Johnson, Justin Newell, Alice Wilkinson 
Musicians  Ciaran McGhee, Adam Smith, Sean Findlay (on 6,12,13, 20, 24, 26 & 27 Aug)





Jimmy was a war hero… until he came home
When Jimmy Vanderberg leaves the Ford factory in Detroit and volunteers to serve in the Vietnam War, he wants to prove himself a man.  But after the war, Jimmy returns to a country more humiliated than grateful and feels abandoned by those he served. Years later, Jimmy is intoxicated by the Trump message ‘Make America Great Again’ but a chance visit by the son of a fallen comrade forces him to doubt his convictions.

Written & performed by award-winning actor-playwright Richard Vergette
Directed by Andrew Pearson  

‘Gripping and beautifully shocking insight into the lived experiences of a war veteran…
an extraordinary tour de force, both uplifting and devastating in equal measure’
TheReviews Hub
‘Reminiscent of Arthur Miller...’  
'Thought provoking and beautifully executed performance'   Audience comment

theSpaceUK @ Surgeons Hall     Venue 53   Nicholson Street  EH8 9DW  
Theatre Two   5 - 13 August  19.05
Theatre One  15 – 27 August  15.40
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Producer Andy Jordan

General Manager Chris Corner