Current Production
COPS by Tony Tortora
Chicago. 1957. Four cops, different ages, classes and races, all living a lie and mired in mutual suspicion,
have to grab a gangster-turned-state-witness before the Mob can get him... 

Southwark Playhouse - 15 January to 1 February- Find out more here

Andy Jordan Productions was founded in 2000. The company is a non-funded organisation, operating in a commercial context, but committed to producing largely new work – new plays, musicals and comedy, often written by new writers, in all forms and styles of theatre. We are driven by the desire to create quality work, of whatever nature.

The company is led by Andy Jordan, a highly experienced director and producer in theatre, television and radio drama

AJP grew from an earlier and renowned and award winning theatre company, Bristol Express also established by Andy Jordan.

Further information

Producer Andy Jordan

General Manager Chris Corner